Renew for Students

Welcome to Renew- the student edition

The enhanced  student version of the bimonthly Renew newsletter on renewable energy is provided  as an exclusive password protected service to students on courses that subscribe to it. If you don’t yet have access here is a free open access sample back issue: Renew211   Course leaders who wish to get access for their students should contact for details of the annual fee.

A shorter free public version, Renew On Line, is available  in PDF form from and also as a Blog in mobile format, without charts and pictures, from

So when you finish your  course, you can continue to get access, albeit only to this reduced version. There is some overlap, but the student Renew includes an extra Feature section and an extensive Reviews and Commentary section.

Renew started out in 1979 as an information service, run by Prof David Elliott, for NATTA, the UK national  Network for Alternative Technology and Technology Assessment, which was initially based at the Open University. Renew On Line started up at Renew issue 100. However when Prof.  Elliott, retired from the OU, NATTA went independent, as did Renew and  Renew On Line. So he runs both now  independently of the OU, with an independent editorial line.   The student Renew replaces the old subscription Renew (which ended at issue 200), but stays with the old Renew numbering, so Renew On Line  112 is based on Renew 212, and so on.  For free access to all the back issue of Renew On Line, see the Archive: